Garena Undawn Game 2023

Garena Undawn Game 2023 (Android + PC Game) Latest Version

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Garena Undawn Game 2023 (Android + PC Game) Latest Version

Garena Undawn Game 2023

Garena Undawn Game is released by Garena and Tencent in 2023. It is a third-person, survival shooter game, and it will have zombies too! We will provide some information about Undawn here. Undawn is a new game based on the open-world co-op action survival game genre in which players will live in a world full of zombies. The Undawn game has a PvE and pvp system with zombies. Zombies are not the only threat, as players must fight them because there are only so many survivors.

Garena has officially announced the launch release yet. Nevertheless, Tencent has announced that they are working hard to release the download on iOS, Android, and PC by the start of 2023. But for some areas of Android, the pre-alpha test is coming soon. You can get the pre-registration. I tell you, How we can pre-registration? At the end of the page. You can see the post of the Undawn team.

Recently, Octaviani Catherine from Garena, in a LinkedIn post, announced that the company will be publishing a new open-world, survival zombie third-person shooter game titled Undawn. The title will be developed by the popular Chinese company Tencent’s LightSpeed & Quantum StudiInterestingly.

Latest details about Garena Undawn Game 2023

Along with the announcement, Garena also released a trailer for the game and opened the Pre-Alpha registrations for the title. Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners, gave insights regarding the development of Undawn.

Garena Undawn Game 2023 (Android + PC Game) Latest Version

He tweeted out saying that the game developed on Unreal Engine 4 will have RPG elements and is due to be released later this year. He stated that the plot of the game will be to scavenge, build, craft, and survive in a world overrun by zombies through both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Daniel Ahmed also revealed that while the game is for the market outside China, it is based on another title called Dawn Awakening (黎明觉醒) which is also in its test phase in China on mobile and has completed over 20 Million pre-registrations.

Further tweeting out, Ahmad also said that Tencent will be focusing on a number of new key areas as part of its development strategy. According to Ahmad, the company is planning a global approach and focusing on cross-platform support while maintaining AAA quality for the title, a shift from the organization’s mobile-based strategy.

10 Reasons Why Garena Undawn Will Be The Best Survival Game on Android

1. Varied Weather

Garena Undawn
One of the surprising things about an Android game is the changing weather, which makes the adventure even more exciting. You won’t be just dealing with night and day, but you’ll also see rain and even lightning strikes.

2. A Vast Storyline

Garena Undawn
Although we didn’t see the entirety of the storyline, Garena Undawn has a profound one. Simply put, you have to survive by joining a team called Raven. you have to reinforce your fort/base to keep mankind from the brink of extinction.

3. Build Your Own Shelter

Garena Undawn
Although the game is dominated by so many brutal actions, Garena Undawn also offers other things that you can explore. One of which is to collect resources for building structures. These resources include woods that you can get by cutting down trees for walls, floors, doors, and windows. This feature adds colors to Garena Undawn and makes the game even more exciting.

4. Cooking Feature

Garena Undawn
In this game, you’re also given the liberty to make various kinds of dishes. It’s meant to give you the feeling of surviving a zombie apocalypse. You can get the ingredients along the way, usually deep in the forest. To find cooking ingredients, you can pick some plants or hunt wild animals.

5. A Wide Range of Item Crafting

Garena Undawn
Undawn has a wide array of item crafting yang tergolong lengkap. From food and vehicle to home interiors, you can craft all of them. But, unfortunately, there are tons of items you’ll need for crafting in Garena Undawn, so, maybe you have to memorize them. You need to grind to get the materials for these kinds of attachments.

6. Basic Needs

Garena Undawn
Aside from items, Garena Undawn also requires players to pay attention to the needs of their characters. The reason is, this game also has features for characters to take a shower, eat, drink, sleep, and even wash their clothes. There are not many survival games that have this kind of feature, especially on mobile.

7. Vehicles

Garena Undawn
Since the locations are far away from each other, Garena Undawn provides several vehicles that you can use. There are motorbikes (available from the start of the game), and four-wheeled vehicles (via crafting). And, it’s also easy to access your vehicles in this game. You just need to tap the release button on the left side. Your vehicle will spawn next to you.

8. Dungeons for Party

Garena Undawn
Although it’s an open world, Garena Undawn also has a dungeon feature for players to get items and EXP. While you can go solo for these dungeon missions, it’s highly advised to form a party of at least three. Because you will encounter lots of zombies and powerful bosses.

9. Stunning Graphics

Garena Undawn
In terms of graphics, Garena Undawn has amazing graphics. Although the game isn’t that big, just within 4-5GB, the visuals are more than enough to pamper your eyes. However, this game can be rather demanding for some smartphones, especially those from the mid-low class.

10. Character Skills

Garena Undawn
Last but not least, one of the biggest factors that will make Garena Undawn the best survival game on Android is its unique feature of unlocking skills at certain levels. So, you won’t just be focusing on improving your weapons, but also your character’s skills.

Will Undawn be free-to-play?

Given both Tencent and Garena’s involvement in Undawn, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the game will be free-to-play. As we’ve mentioned in many of our explainer articles, multiplayer games tend to be free-to-play on mobile since plenty of titles take this approach, so new entries have to adopt the same model to stay competitive.

At the time of writing, we don’t know how the game will be monetized. However, we can speculate that there will be some kind of battle pass or seasonal content since PUBG Mobile and Free Fire both implement this kind of content. Beyond that, there’s a possibility some in-app purchases will be purely cosmetic whilst others may offer some form of a boost to gameplay. We’ll be sure to update you as and when we learn more. In the meantime, we’ll be patiently waiting for news on the Undawn release date.

System requirements:

  1. iOS: iOS 11.0 or above

2. Android: Android 7.0, Memory 3GB of RAM or above. For CPU, we recommend Snapdragon 650 or above, Kirin 712 or above, and Helio P60 or above.

3. PC: Processor: Intel Core i3 4160, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 660, Storage: 10 GB of available space.

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How to pre-register for Undawn?

  1. Just download the Taptap App From Here.
  2. Open the App and Search for Undawn.
  3. Click on the pre-register button which you will see right side of the game.

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